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Be part of the Teen Health & Wellness Personal Story Project and share your story about successfully dealing with or overcoming a challenge. All stories will be published with the author's first name only.
If your story is accepted for publication it will be posted on the site and featured on our homepage. If we accept your story, we will contact you via email and request that you give us formal permission to use the story via a
permission form. If you are under 18, you will need to ask a parent or guardian to sign this form. We cannot publish your story without this permission form.

You will also receive a letter of commendation from Rosen Publishing and a $25 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble or Chapters.
Sharing stories is a powerful way to connect with other people. By sharing your story, you can connect with others who are dealing with these challenges. Tell your story to reach out and help someone better understand their own experience. You can also read
personal stories from other teens to get inspiration and ideas for your own story.